The MWorld Ethos

When our team here at MWorld Media set about creating MWorld, we were animated by a common purpose: to unleash curiosity and open the door to the amazing world we live in.

Guided by our belief in the innate ability and desire to learn of every child, we conceived MWorld as a journey of discovery. One where children would set their own pace and choose their own path through the material.

We wanted to challenge kids. We wanted them to explore new realms and become passionate about learning for its own sake.

Our Approach

We crafted MWorld around five key principles, constructing a world of learning that is captivating, interactive, global, creative and credible.

Richly narrated and stunningly illustrated, each screen in MWorld is itself a journey of discovery. From volcanoes to vampire bats, MWorld’s content showcases the diversity and wonder of the extraordinary world around us.

Most of all, we’ve created something that we’re happy to share with our own children.

Fun. Creative. Educational.
It’s the essence of MWorld.