Meet The Team

If it takes a village to raise a child, then it takes a dedicated team to create
a whole new world from scratch! Meet the talented men and women who
bring you the world of discovery we call MWorld!

Justin Bokor - Creator, Head of Team MWorld

Hi, I'm Justin Bokor. I love exploring and learning about the amazing world we live in. I created the MWorld concept and have tried to infuse my love of learning and discovery into the heart and soul of it. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Hootan Mohseni - Co-creator

Hi, I'm Hootan Mohseni. My passion is finding new ideas that make the world a better place. I believe great ideas come from curious minds that are always learning. I brought MWorld to life to fuel every child's natural desire to learn.

Pedagogy Advisers

Meet some of our wonderful educators who have lent their expertise
to the design and development of MWorld.

  • Hi, I'm Professor John Loughran, Dean of Monash University's Faculty of Education. Have fun discovering MWorld!

  • Hi, I'm Claire Brown, an educator and director at the Victoria Institute. MWorld will thrill you and your children!

  • Hi, I'm Prof Deborah Corrigan, Deputy Dean in the Faculty of Education at Monash University. Enjoy MWorld!

  • Hi, I'm Kimberley Morgan, a primary school teacher. I hope MWorld inspires curiosity in children all over the world!

MWorld Academics

MWorld's titles are authored by brilliant university academics who use their passion and depth of knowledge to weave captivating stories. These experts imbue MWorld with deep credibility and cutting-edge knowledge of their respective fields.

Our academic team includes astronomers, physicists, linguists, artists, musicians, historians, archaeologists, geographers, biologists, medical researchers, engineers, volcanologists and many more.  We thank them all!

MWorld Team

MWorld is brought to you by a peerless team of dedicated professionals. Our crew features production managers, graphic designers, game designers, video producers, audio engineers, narrators, programmers, 3D modellers, and many more. Not to mention the star of the show, Charlie the Chameleon!

Team MWorld acknowledge the mentorship, grace and wisdom of Mr David Pitt, Professor Edwina Cornish and our many supporters. Thank you!