Terms and Conditions

This is a legal agreement between you and MWorld Education (registered as MWorld Media Int Pty Ltd, ABN 78611551725) of Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia, regarding use of the MWorld program (at www.discovermworld.com and its subdomains) (“Website“) and the MWorld mobile Applications (“Apps“).

In this agreement, “you” and “your” means any person who has registered an account for the MWorld program on the Website, through the Apps, or through direct communication with the MWorld team (“Account“). To register an Account, you must be 18 years or over. However, if you are under 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, whichever is older, you must make sure that your parent or legal guardian reads and agrees to this agreement, and references to “you” or “your” in this agreement include your parent or legal guardian.

In this agreement, “User” is any person who accesses or uses the Website or the Apps through your Account or a user name linked to your Account. By registering an Account, you will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to be bound by this agreement.

1.Licence. MWorld Education (“MWorld”) grants you a royalty free, non-exclusive, non-transferrable, limited licence to permit the Users to use the Website and/or Apps for their personal, non-commercial use. You must make sure that the Users do not use the Website or Apps for any other purpose, or do any of the following:

  • distribute, sell, sub-license, rent or modify the Website or Apps;
  • reverse-engineer, decompile, disassemble or otherwise derive or attempt to derive the source code of the Website or Apps (except to the extent permitted by non-excludable applicable law);
  • operate or sub-license the Website or Apps for the benefit of any other person, whether as a service bureau, time-share facility, outsourced service, comparison service or otherwise; or
  • remove, alter or add to any copyright notice or similar marking within the Website or Apps.
  • 2.Content. The information and material displayed through the Website and the Apps is provided for general informational purposes only. While care has been taken in creating the Website and the Apps, MWorld does not warrant or represent that any information or material displayed through the Website or the Apps is accurate, complete, up-to-date or suitable for any purpose.

    3.Monthly Subscribers. You become a monthly subscriber to MWorld by registering for a free trial on the Website (“Monthly Subscribers”).A monthly subscription requires payment of a monthly subscription fee as advertised by MWorld from time to time. MWorld may offer free trial periods or other promotional discounts or benefits to new Monthly Subscribers. The free trial period lasts for one month, or as otherwise specified during sign-up, and is intended to allow new Monthly Subscribers to try the program. It is your responsibility as a Monthly Subscribers to monitor the expiry date of any trial period. You acknowledge that you will be billed a monthly subscription fee upon expiry of the trial period, unless you notify MWorld otherwise.

    3.1Billing Cycle. As a Monthly Subscriber, your MWorld subscription will be billed on a monthly basis on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your paid subscription. In some cases the timing of your billing may change, for example if your credit card (or alternative payment method) has not successfully settled or if your paying membership began on a day not contained in a given month. Your MWorld subscription will continue month-to-month until terminated. Unless you cancel your membership before your monthly renewal date, you authorise MWorld to charge your next month’s membership fee to your credit card or other registered payment method. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to expiration, insufficient funds, or otherwise, and you do not change your payment method or cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the service until we have received a valid payment.

    3.2Email updates. You will receive regular emails from MWorld informing you about the program and/or providing you with links to activities on the program. If you do not open your emails or access the program for a period of time, MWorld’s mail server systems may stop automatically sending you these emails. If any time you want these emails to resume, you can contact support@discovermworld.com.

    3.3Cancellation. You can cancel your MWorld membership at any time. We do not provide refunds or credits for any partial-month subscriptions. You can cancel by contacting support@discovermworld.com or team@discovermworld.com. We will respond to your cancellation notification between 9 AM and 5 PM AEST on normal business days.

    3.4Price changes. We may change the price of our monthly subscription from time to time. You will be notified by email of any price changes. Any price changes will apply to you no earlier than 30 days following email notice to you.

    4.Homeschooler Bundle and Teacher Bundle. Home schoolers and teachers may purchase an annual subscription to a bundle of MWorld apps (“Homeschooler Bundle or Teacher Bundle”). AHomeschooler Bundle or Teacher Bundle requires payment of an upfront fee, as advertised by MWorld from time to time, in return for 12 months’ access to the MWorld apps included in the bundleas advertised.

    5.Teacher Accounts. Teachers may use MWorld in their classroom by creating a teacher account. A teacher account requires payment of a subscription fee as advertised by MWorld from time to time. MWorld may offer trial periods or other promotional discounts or benefits to new teacher account subscribers. It is your responsibility to monitor the expiry date of any trial period. If you create a teacher account during a trial period, you acknowledge that the account will transition to a normal-priced one-year subscription account upon expiry of the trial period.

    Upon creation of a teacher account (or expiry of a trial period, if relevant), MWorld will send to you an invoice detailing the subscription fee and a payment due date. Failure or inability to pay the invoice by the invoice date may result in MWorld suspending or terminating the teacher account. Further, by creating a teacher account, you warrant that you have been authorised by your school to establish the account, in accordance with these terms and conditions.

    6.Your Privacy. You agree that MWorld may collect and deal with personal information about you and each User in accordance with the MWorld Privacy Statement, which can be found at www.discovermworld.com/privacy. You warrant that you are either the parent, guardian or carer of the User or that you have obtained in writing the fully informed, freely given, current and specific consent for personal information being collected and dealt with in accordance with the MWorld Privacy Statement from:

  • the parent, guardian or carer of any User who is under 13 years of age; or
  • if relevant, the parent, guardian or carer of any User who is a student accessing MWorld through a teacher account.
  • 7.Security. You may select or be allocated codes or other information (such as a username and password) to log in to the Website or the Apps (“Log-In Details“). You must, and must make sure that the Users, keep your Log-In Details secure and confidential. If you believe that your Log-In Details have been compromised, you must tell MWorld immediately. MWorld is entitled to assume that any person gaining access to the Apps or the Website using your Log In-Details is you or a User, unless you have told MWorld that your Log-In Details have been compromised and new details have not yet been allocated to or selected by you.

    8.Limits on service. This agreement does not require MWorld to implement or install the Apps or Website for you or to provide any maintenance or other services in respect of the Website or the Apps. MWorld reserves the right at any time to change, remove or discontinue any feature or function of the Website or the Apps, or all or any part of the Website or the Apps, either temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to you. From time to time MWorld may issue updates which add, modify and/or remove features from the Website or the Apps. These updates may be pushed out automatically with or without notice to you. The terms of this agreement will govern any updates provided by MWorld, unless the update is accompanied by separate terms and conditions in which case those terms and conditions will apply.

    9.Responsibility for Telecommunications. You acknowledge that the Website and Apps require an active connection to the internet or a mobile telecommunications network to operate fully, and will cause a computer or mobile device to transmit and receive data. You agree that:

  • MWorld is not responsible for providing you or any User with any telecommunications service, and the relevant telecommunications service provider is responsible for any issues associated with that service; and
  • You must, and you must make sure that the Users, comply with the terms of any agreement with the relevant telecommunications provider when using the Website or Apps and are responsible for all data and other charges payable to any telecommunications service provider (including those incurred as a result of use of the Website or Apps by your Users).
  • 10.Intellectual Property. The names, icons, words, titles, phrases, logos, trademarks or service marks, graphics or designs and other content (together, the “Intellectual Property“) displayed through the Website and the Apps are MWorld’s property or the property of other parties and may be registered or unregistered trademarks and/or protected by intellectual property laws. Nothing contained in this agreement or the Website or the Apps should be taken as a right to use any Intellectual Property without MWorld’s written permission or the permission of the relevant third party. MWorld reserves the right to enforce its intellectual property rights through civil proceedings.

    11. Third-party websites. The Website or the Apps may display URLs or links to websites, videos or other third-party content not controlled by MWorld. Those URLs or links are provided for convenience only and may not be current. Providing a URL or link should not be construed as an endorsement or approval of the third-party content by MWorld, and MWorld is not responsible for the content of third parties.

    12.Embargo and Export regulation. You represent and warrant that you are not located in a country that is subject to a US Government embargo, or that has been designated by the US Government as a terrorist-supporting country and listed on a US Government list of prohibited or restricted parties. You shall not, directly or indirectly, export, re-export or release the Website or Apps to, or make the Website or Apps accessible from, any jurisdiction or country to which export, or re-export or release is prohibited by law.

    13.Liability of MWorld. To the extent permitted by law, MWorld does not warrant nor represent that use or possession of the Website or Apps will not infringe the rights of third parties, or that the Website or the Apps will be error-free. All warranties which would otherwise be implied into this agreement are excluded as far as permitted by law. If any legislation implies or applies in this agreement any condition, warranty or guarantee, and that legislation avoids or prohibits provisions in a contract excluding or modifying the Website or Apps of or exercise of or liability under the condition, warranty or guarantee, the condition, warranty or guarantee is deemed to be included in this agreement. However, to the extent permitted by law, MWorld’s liability for failure to comply with any such condition, warranty or guarantee is limited (at MWorld’s option, and as determined by it) to:

  • in the case of goods – to the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods, the repair of the goods, the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods or the payment of the cost of having the goods required (as determined by MWorld); and
  • in the case of services – to the supplying of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again (as determined by MWorld).
  • Except as specified in this clause 13, to the extent permitted by law, under no circumstances will MWorld be liable to you or any User for any loss, damages, claims or costs whatsoever (including any consequential, indirect or incidental damages) arising under or in connection with this agreement or any use of the Website or the Apps by you or any User, regardless of how they arise.

    14.Termination. If you fail to comply with any term of this agreement, MWorld may terminate this agreement, your Account and your right to permit the Users to use the Apps, by notice to you. Termination of this agreement will not affect any rights or liabilities you or MWorld have accrued up to that time. Upon termination of this agreement you must stop using, uninstall and destroy all copies of the Website or Apps in your possession or control (including on any computer or mobile device you own or control).

    15.General. You may not assign, transfer or otherwise deal with the rights under this agreement without the prior written consent of MWorld. This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws in force in the State of Victoria, Australia, and each party submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that State. If any term of this agreement is held unenforceable or illegal for any reason, the agreement will remain otherwise in full force apart from that provision.

    Questions or feedback about the Website or the Apps should be directed to: support@discovermworld.com.