Art and Music

Art and Music:
an introduction

Music and song have captivated us since the earliest of times.
Great works of art dazzle long after they were created.
Why do art and music capture our imagination?
What are some of the secrets behind great artists and musicians?
And how can you create your own art and music?

MWorld features 50 titles in the first release and is growing by the day. Art and Music titles include:

  • World Beats
  • Art Today
  • Secrets of Art: Drawing
  • Jammin’
  • How to Write a Song

World Beats

Art Today

Secrets Of Art: Drawing


How To Write A Song

Coming Soon

The MWorld team is hard
at work producing
some cool new Art and Music titles, including:

  • Awesome Art
  • Music and Feelings

Stay tuned!

Our brilliant academic

The MWorld team would like to thank our Art and Music
academic collaborators, whose passion and depth of knowledge
has helped to bring to life some amazing stories.

Leslie Eastman



Musician and Visual Artist

Associate Professor
Robert Burke


Sam Evans


Caleb Garfinkel