The Modern World

The Modern World:
an introduction

We are living in an incredible time. Information, money, people, new technologies, and new ideas zip around the planet and bring us constant change and new wonders. How can we adapt to a world that moves so fast? How can we care for seven billion people and more? How can we live in harmony with our fragile planet?

MWorld features 50 titles in the first release and is growing by the day. Modern World titles include:

  • The Digital Age
  • Money
  • Challenges of Our Time
  • Super-Fast Trains
  • Megacities

The Digital Age


Challenges Of Our Time

Super-Fast Trains


Coming Soon

The MWorld team is hard
at work producing
some cool new Modern World titles, including:

  • Reality TV
  • How to Build a Race Car

Stay tuned!

Our brilliant academic

The MWorld team would like to thank our Modern World academic
collaborators, whose passion and depth of knowledge has helped
to bring to life some amazing stories.

Dr George Rivers


Dr Libby Porter


Dr Andy Ruddock

Media Scholar

James Bell

Aerodynamic Engineer

Dr Jonathan Li

Computer Scientist

Wa Ho Li